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Bojidar Toneff - Bulgaria

Bojidar Toneff was born in Dobrich, Bulgaria in 1963 and currently lives and works in the eastern part of Bulgaria in Eastern Europe, a place rich in artifacts and crossroads of many civilizations like for instance the Thracians, the Greeks and the Romans and the Ottomans (Turks). His paintings and drawings are reflections of the signs he sees and reads from his birthland from the past.

 Recently he experimented with expressing himself on a minimalistic level in a more graphics related black and white series of works. Bojidar is convinced that an artist should never stop his quests and his experiments to develop his newer processes and works. Art changes and humanity changes. As an artist he believes strongly that one needs to follow the actuality and truth, to be able to proceed in his art and artistic expressions and concepts in general. For Bojidar Toneff, drawing is a simple expression of life, a painting, a picture or a graphic, done in the time it takes to create it. But in the end, you will live with it day and night and even in your dreams. To stand in front of the white canvas or sheet of paper and to initiate and start a new work generates a mental state everything around you will disappear. Only leaving you and your inner world to proceed. Perhaps at these moments, you are a sort of a higher creator.

Bojidar Toneff received multiple awards for his work as an artist, like for instance the honored label at the 4th annual international exhibition of art at Del Bello Gallery in Toronto, Canada and he was awarded a certificate for Bulgarian participants at the 11th international print biennale in Varna, Bulgaria. He also received the National Award for Print in Razgrad, Bulgaria, the Award of the Union of Bulgarian Artists 2nd Biennale for drawing in Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria, the National Award for print in Pleven, Bulgaria and the Regional Award for Print in Dobrich, Bulgaria.

Bojidar Toneff participated in a large score of international group and solo exhibitions in Bulgaria,  Belgium and the Netherlands.

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