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Larisa Sjoerds - the Netherlands

Larisa Sjoerds is an artist, art teacher, educational designer and museum guide. As an artist her favorite medium is ink, she creates intriguing, large format (1x2m) sepia drawings of abstracted human figures on paper. Her latest series of drawings are derived of patterns in the human brain damaged by dementia.

About her art she states; ‘Our emotions and instincts can be very disturbing and intriguing. They  influence and even possess our lives. Somewhere deep within our body and cells a variety of processes take place. Whether it is an ovulation, the spring of sexual thoughts or the welling hop of a violent reaction. It are these hidden processes, thoughts, emotions and instincts that I want to visualize. Development of this imagination is as organic and intuitive as the (dis)functioning of our body.”

In her freelance work for art museums she is passionate about interactive tour guiding techniques, especially facilitating dialogues around the art of observing. As an art teacher she enjoys stimulating creative processes and developing visual literacy.  Her most recent projects are an educational program for secondary school students about facts and fiction around value and appreciation of art, a self-guided drawing book for an art museum and training Visible Thinking Routines in the museum to teachers of Hogeschool Rotterdam and museum guides in several (art) museums.