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Gianluca Capozzi - Italy

Gianluca Capozzi lives and works in Avellino, Italy. He graduated from P.A.De Luca Fine Arts Institute in Italy, the Faculty of Fine Arts, Granada in Spain and the Florence Academy of Fine Arts in Italy.

His research first of all, is based on a meditative moment. He observes and investigates the relationship between man and nature, understood as part of the energy that envelops everything. The gaze goes to man, to society that distances itself from its natural position, and from its own possible existence, in communion with an organic whole and always connected (also in reference to theories on quantum mechanics that find the traditional physics transcended with the introduction of the new rules of the microcosm, very close to an alchemical, fantastic and evolutionary vision of the world). He initates painting and attempts to explore its boundaries and limits, bringing the sign and the color to its borders and extremes of representative possibility. After his  first experiences on a divisionist painting and a hyperrealist, focused on dynamics of human perception, he moved on to the investigation of the "visual noise" created by the assembling of more paintings juxtaposed with each other. Eventually he arrived at a study of "nature after nature", moving forward on the thin boundaries between natural and artificial (where digital becomes natural and technological nature).