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Ben Game - Middelburg NL

Born in 1958, Oldenzaal the Netherlands. Due to his urge towards drawing and painting, Ben Game studied at the 'Vrije Academie' in The Hague and the 'Academy of Visual Arts' in Rotterdam. What identifies Ben Game as an artist is courage and full powers of self-transformation. That courage, meaning not being afraid to fail, transforms paralyzingly self-conscious 'predicaments of culture' into confident 'ecstasies of feelings combined.' He has the guts, what is more, to confront himself and the spectators of his work.


His almost primitive or childish abstract impression of human figures in contrast with abstract backgrounds, his fascination for signs, lettering, text-parts and quotes transform into something alternative to the mainstream. His painting process starts off on an intuitive basis and from that stage on, the development of his work gets more and more conscious. Ben Game is extremely productive and generates a wealth of paintings and drawings. He works on canvas, paper and wooden panels with a variety of materials. 'My work should speak for itself', no further comments from the artist himself. His work visualizes his words and thoughts. In spite of the highly expressive and pure expression and values integrated within his paintings and drawings, some people have a hard time with his work. Difficult to describe and difficult to catch within a phrase or to put a tag on. Alternative, abstract, expressive, pure, primitive, confronting, intuitive childish and honest are some search engine key-words, worthy to tag his work with, or should it simply travel the art-world as BenGames' work… Ben Games work is currently on display in selective galleries and his work plays an important and highly respected role within the visual production of the Tabasco Tabernacle project.