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Romeo Battisti - Italy

Romeo Battisti graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of L'Aquila and lives and works Poggio Bustone, Italy. As a result of his continuous urge towards research and experiment within his work, he made it his quest to discover the sense of things beyond their appearances.
With his highly technical developed and mastered language of art he manages to express the inexpressible.
He has studied the techniques of the ancient masters and makes use of any reputed material needed for modern expression. Inks, earths, temples, oils, veils, dough, drips, abrasions are part of its repertoire. Never satisfied he feels the need to break the surface and reveal the underlying. Romeo Battisti strongly aims on pointing out his vision to the world with the work he is doing.
Over the years, the work if Romeo Battisti has been on display in multiple solo and group exhibitions. His work has been acquired for private as well as public collections internationally.