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Michael Oberlik - Austria

Michael Oberlik mainly generates series of new works based on the inspiration and impulses he gained during his multiple travel experiences, from absorbed literature & poetry as well as imagery that caught his eyes.

By concept and theme, his works develop slowly over a longer timeframe and it takes years before change is imminent. He is developing his paintings following a fixed pattern of levels and routines. All the fields of colour within his work are handmade of mixed pigments and sand or earth added. Recently he started to integrate collage within his work and he currently explores the multiple possibilities of working with mixed media. The final stage of his creative process involves the positioning and integration of his own sign language within his paintings. He usually adds on these signs using chalk or coal.

Over the years the work of Michael Oberlik has been on display within a large number of solo exhibitions as well as he participated within numerous group exhibitions. His work has been integrated in various important private as well as public art collections.