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Svetla Radulova - Bulgaria

Svetla Radulova was born in 1981 and lives and works in Sofia, Bulgiaria. She studied at the School of Plastic Arts, painting and graphic design by Prof. Nicolai Rainov in 2000 and a master in Ceramica at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia by Prof. Bojidar Bonchev studio in 2007. Svetla cumulated several solo exhibitions over the years at galleries in Bulgaria and in France and she participated in a wide range of group exhibitions, projects and appearances at galleries and art venues in Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany, Russia and France.

The abstraction within the works from Svetla Radulova provoke like a complex invitation. To relate to her work seems inevitable. Her work is distinguished provoking amazement, always stimulating and pleasant to absorb. An attempt to come up with a relevant analyses and key to understanding and interpreting the work. Without denying one could point out a provocative qualitative phenomenon. Her work is an open invitation to everyone willing to experience and enjoy their confrontation with the work. Her work is always a confrontation that leads to the mystery of her deepest and diverse activated and illuminated motivations. Thanks to her intelligence, and her special ability to relate perceptions, sensations, ideas, knowledge and references, to create visual expressions, intuitions and new, more complex questions. Svetla Radulova provokes in multiple nuances and her sensitivity always plays a decisive role.

The strokes with a palette, brush, marker and her hand itself do not articulate. Without avoiding, as a matter of principle, known forms, it appeals to communication from each pigment. Recognizable figures shine as echoes, which would hardly amount to provoking ingenuity, an exercise of form. Svetla displays shapes and color, as evidence of a movement with more than revealing its mystery. She offers us an opportunity at a time, to test her expressive capacity and the gift of qualifying, describing and creating. The remarkable harmony, the natural balance, resulting in the expression of contemplating the product. Svetla also mocks the figuration. She establishes a limit to the impulse to want to understand everything, and therefore, to master the generating force and to understand her in the typical interpretive surroundings we live in. 

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