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Frans van Viegen - the Netherlands

© Frans van Viegen 2016 - diasporen series

The Dutch photographer Frans van Viegen made a sudden career change in 2008 from international banking management to his childhood love: photography. With the photography of people and their context as his starting point, he combines a variety of techniques to create (interactive) experience for the viewers. Within his interactive work he integrates personal images and personal context as a starting point for the viewer, encouraging the viewer to make his own story. Combinations of image, movement and sound. Within his latest body of work: SpecialPlaces,  Frans van Viegen explores and transforms everyday urban panoramas in beautiful, photographic narratives.

With the saying of Confucius in his mind, "Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand" - Confucius (450 BC), he continuously explores new ways to portray people and their environment.

Frans van Viegen raduated cum laude from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. His work and his projects are frequently on show within galleries and art venues.
© Frans van Viegen 2016 - ChangingPlaces series

© Frans van Viegen 2016 - Changing Cities series
© Frans van Viegen - SpecialPlaces series 2016

© Frans van Viegen - stitic view - ChurchState patchwork - lenticular interactive 2017
© Frans van Viegen - Unnatural series 2017

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